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3 ways to style with Hospitium

by Frances Chnaider on Sep 13, 2022

3 ways to style with Hospitium
For the ultimate tablescape, forget mixing, pouring and sourcing matching glassware. Just style Awesome Source with a luxe velvet bow 3 ways.
ONE: Bow is beautiful
Replace your glassware with beautifully styled bottles of Awesome Source adorned with big, black velvet bows. Ensure the bow is audacious, and remember - in this case, size does matter - the bigger the bow the better. 

TWO: Bask-et in bottles
Pop Awesome Source G&Ts in chic bread baskets lined with black linen napkins. Style with metallic, marbled candle holders. To add extra flair, turn your bottled cocktails into a gifting experience with gorgeous black velvet bows on top. 

Basket of bottles

THREE: On the bar
Prefer to place the drinks where the drinks are? Use your favourite bar tools by flipping them upside down to create podiums. Add some extra flair with a bow on the bottle and voila! Your bar-scape is complete.

To order your G&Ts, head to our shop page to make your next party even more awesome.
For your next product launch, private dinner or culinary experience, book Melbourne's brand new luxe showroom and events venue Hospitium.


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