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3 G&T Additions That Will Take Your G&Ts from Zero to Hero

by Frances Chnaider on Dec 16, 2022

3 G&T Additions That Will Take Your G&Ts from Zero to Hero
Non-alc G&Ts can be super delicious cocktails with all kinds of flavours, textures and ingredients. Here are our simple G&T recipe additions that’ll take your non-alcoholic G&T from zero to hero.

Start by infusing your tonic water with fresh herbs, citrus peels or flowers.

Firstly, buy a few bottles of Awesome Source, and save yourself a 2 min read.
But if you're not in possession of Awesome Source gin and tonics (perhaps there’s a world-shortage one day), and you find yourself in a quasi-experimental mood mixing pure tonic waters, tonics can be a great base for any G&T drink because of its unique flavour that works well with gin botanicals. And we'd know - we made our own very own Mediterranean tonic and added 15 botanicals for you. But okay, okay. Let’s move on to the infusions.
Infusing a tonic is a great way to add flavour and colour to your G&T. It can be done in as little as six hours—and that's mighty fast (it took us a year to make Awesome Source). Try using fresh herbs like mint, basil or sage; citrus peels such as lemons and oranges; flowers like violets (the purple ones) for something extra special. The possibilities are endless.
Tonics also have fizz and sweetness (just be mindful of how much if you're using commercial ones), which is why you can use fresh citrus peels and herbs to infuse the tonic water. This adds colour, flavour and complexity without overpowering your gin and tonic.

Add the spice

There are many ways to add spice to your G&T, whether it's booze-free (our preference) or not. But if you’re on our site, you’re clearly a risk-taker, so try:
·       Fresh herbs like thyme and tarragon can be used to flavour spirits such as gin, vodka and whiskey if you're using them as your base in your gin and tonic.
·       Fresh citrus peels can also help bring out the flavours of the gin (especially if you're adding them at the end). You could even use fresh flowers like rose petals for this purpose.
·       A dash or two of bitters will add a bit more depth of flavour.
·       Cardamom powder adds warmth and spice notes too - try grinding up some cardamom pods in with your G&T ahead of time so there's less work involved later on and you can just enjoy your long, spicy sip.

Or some heat

If you're looking for a little heat, here are some ways to add a little kick:
·       Add chilli powder to the mix (preferably one made from organic chilli). It's quick and oh-so-easy.
·       Stir in some hot sauce - a novel use of a condiment, we agree.
·       If all else fails, try adding a pinch or two of cayenne pepper (Ben's favourite).
Not convinced? Ben has another suggestion: "Just buy Awesome Source G&T sans the alcohol. It took us a year to make so you can enjoy it in minutes" . Yes, there's always that Ben, thank you.