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Cocktails & Juniper Berry Magic by Nutritionist Extraordinaire Sarah Collins

by Frances Chnaider on Dec 14, 2022

Cocktails & Juniper Berry Magic by Nutritionist Extraordinaire Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins helps women feel the magic of movement to live their best lives. She reveals how her love for G&Ts includes cinnamon & orange – and that juniper berries are surprisingly good for you.
What I'm (not) loving right now
There’s many pleasures in life and cocktails are high up on the list of mine. Although I don’t necessarily fancy the side effects of drinking alcohol—poor sleep that night, groggy the next day and general the ugh feeling.   
Best surprise health tip
The best part of gin is the juniper berries, and these little guys pack a healthy punch. Loaded with antioxidants (hello less wrinkles), flavonoids (goodbye kidney & liver disease), immune fighting factors as well as anti-inflammatory properties. 
The rule I live by
It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can alternate your regular G&T for a non alcoholic one, swap out your last drink of the night or one night of your weekend with Awesome Source.
So to supercharge your brain, sleep like you did before babies, reduce your risk for chronic disease and get a bit of a healthy glow make the switch to non alcoholic G&Ts.
Awesome Source. Awesome or not?
Delightful light flavour that can be kept simple with an ice cube, wedge of lime or jazzed up with some kiwi slices or my winter favourite - cinnamon and orange. 
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