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Sharita Bahrami

by Frances Chnaider on Nov 02, 2022

Sharita Bahrami
Meet Sharita. Fashion designer and new mum to baby, Farrah. Sharita’s realised that sweating the small stuff, being productive every minute of the day and negative self-talk is simply unfashionable.
What I wear on a typical work day
Wide leg pant, singlet, blazer and runners. In summer, I live in maxi dresses and sandals.
My design style
I like to start with a few key images of inspiration which form a colour palette and direction. I love a playful use of colour. I believe as a designer, being able to spot an emerging trend and implementing it in a way your customer will understand, gives you an edge. Balancing fashion and commercial product is key.

What I’m loving right now
Printed, co-ordinated sets and chunky sandals for summer. Also, I am currently obsessed with watching White Lotus.

The rule I live by
Balance in every aspect of life - whether it’s working, eating, exercise - striking a balance is essential to your wellbeing and sanity. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

The truth about me
I’m a massive homebody, typical Cancerian and I love to doom scroll Tik-Tok.

Who I want to be when I grow up
The woman that can juggle it all - career, family, social life.

What I’ve realised about myself 
Becoming a mother has taught me not to sweat the small things and to be more patient. Also - negative self-talk is not conducive to living a happy life.

Top new mum tip
Not every part of the day has to be productive. Take a nap when you can and be kind to yourself. You’re learning too.

I never leave the house without
These days… an extra dummy and a change of clothes for nappy leaks. 
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