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Sober Celebrities? Yes, They Do Exist. And They're Cooler Than Ever

by Frances Chnaider on Mar 13, 2023

Sober Celebrities? Yes, They Do Exist. And They're Cooler Than Ever
When we think of celebrities, we usually imagine them sipping on a fancy cocktail, living their best lives. But there's a growing number of famous folks who have chosen to skip the booze, and they're proving that you don't need a drink in your hand to be the life of the party.
Take Blake Lively, for example. The girl's got style, sass, and baking skills that could rival Martha Stewart. And she's doing it all without a drop of alcohol. Who needs liquid courage when you've got the confidence of a queen?
Or how about Jennifer Lopez? She's a triple threat with killer dance moves, acting chops, and a voice that could make angels weep. And she's doing it all while staying sober. That's right, JLo's secret to success isn't a martini - it's her own damn talent.
Bradley Cooper may have played a drunk rockstar in A Star is Born, but in real life, he's been sober for over a decade. And he's doing just fine, thank you very much. He's got Oscars, critical acclaim, and a legion of fans who would follow him to the ends of the earth. All without a single sip of alcohol.
Even Zendaya, who's young enough to be carded at the bar, has chosen to stay sober. And she's doing it to be a role model for her fans. So, take that, booze - Zendaya's got more important things to do than waste her time and brain cells on you.
And let's not forget about Kendrick Lamar. He's a rapper who's won multiple Grammys, and he's been sober for years. In fact, he's written songs about it. So, who needs drugs and alcohol when you've got lyrical skills like that?
These celebrities are just a few examples of the growing trend towards sobriety in popular culture. And let's be real - they're making it look damn cool.
So, the next time someone offers you a drink and you're not feeling it, just remember that you're in good company. The sober squad is where it's at, and these celebrities are leading the charge.
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Photo credit: Architectural Digest