How are Awesome Source non alcoholic gin and tonics made?

Awesome Source G&Ts are made in the most complex yet simple way (if such a thing exists). We take 15 botanical extracts and distillates, combine this with carbonated spring water, a touch of raw cane sugar, citric acid (natural) + quinine for tonic bitterness. That's it. Our philosophy is to focus on what’s inside (to see our 15 botanicals, get your peepers over here), not what’s missing i.e alcohol.

Do you create a gin and then remove the alcohol?

No. We don’t make an alcoholic gin and remove the alcohol like in a de-alcoholised wine or spirit product. This is because we see ourselves less as a distillery, and more as an alcohol-free mixologist of sorts, building botanical gin cocktails from the ground up. We take full responsibillity for the gin botanials, tonic, carbonation and overall sex-appeal you'd expect of the best artisanal G&T in the world.

Is there sugar and why do you use it?

Yes, we use sugar instead of sweeteners, as sugar provides a taste and full-mouth feel that cannot be replicated without adding odd fillers, gums and fake burn sensations (yet…). Products with sweeteners are tasty on the first sip or two, but you'll notice an incomplete palate experience soon after. And as our brand name is "Awesome Source" not "Almost Awesome Source" (we tried to claim that brand name but it wasn't available on ASIC), we've focused on flavour first, but also dropped the sugar content by 30% versus commercial tonic waters. This delivers a truly refreshing yet complex flavour experience your tastebuds will thank you (and us) for.

How is there less sugar in Awesome Source than in a standard G&T?

We've intentionally dropped the sugar in our alcohol-free cocktail versus standard commercial tonic waters you'd typically use at home. Fever Tree's Mediterranean Tonic Water contains 7.4g/100ml of sugar, whilst Awesome Source contains 5g/100ml. Both taste delicious, but one has 32.43% less sugar/100ml. We don't know about you, but we'd rather drop 1/3 of sugar and still enjoy our G&Ts.

Where is this heavenly non alcoholic gin and tonic made?

Our botanicals are sourced globally, but everything else is designed, labelled and made in Melbourne. We even use a family-owned business to fill each bottle, and the lid labels are painstakingly applied by us once our bub is asleep, or when our friends and family feel sorry enough to help.

How do I serve Awesome Source G&T cocktails?

The best way to enjoy Awesome Source G&Ts is to serve them chilled with only a touch of ice (or none at all). Simply ‘crack and serve’. Garnishes such as cucumber, lime, lemon, grapefruit, mint and orange are all great additions.

Is it 0.0% ABV?

Our G&Ts are “non alcoholic” by definition, but technically they contain less than 0.5% alcohol, as our 15 botanicals have been distilled with alcohol. Fun fact: this is the same content as bread and orange juice... and we've never seen a loaf of bread hungover.

I've tried non alc G&Ts before. How are you different?

We love it when people ask us this question, or better yet - the question of 'what's the point of a non alcoholic G&T?'. These questions often end with the person walking away with a 24-pack after tasting Awesome Source non alcoholic G&Ts.

The truth is we’re clear on who we are - i.e. non alcoholic - so we’ve created a lighter, more botanical G&T product that tastes complex yet delicate, clean and refreshing, bold and delicious. Unlike other non-alc products, we don’t use sweeteners, fillers, de-alc methods and we definitely don’t add fake burn ingredients to replicate alcohol.

I love my alcohol and don't see why Awesome Source is so awesome. Why should I drink non alcoholic cocktails?

At Awesome HQ, we don't tell anyone how they should live or drink. If you prefer alcohol and enjoy a gin cocktail ocassionally, we recommend one of two things for your consideration: 1) enjoy your regular G&T and then alternate with an Awesome Source and/or 2) pour half the splosh of gin you'd normally drink in with Awesome Source to make 2 low ABV G&Ts. Either way, you're drinking a lot less alcohol and sugar overall, and you're still looking mighty glamourous.

Are there any allergens I need to be aware of?

Unless you’re an oddly beautiful creature who is allergic to citrus or botanicals, quinine is the only potential allergen to be aware of. This is called out on the packaging separately too. 

Is it suitable for vegans?

It's as suitable for vegans as a carrot stick 🥕. So, yes. It's also gluten free, all natural and dairy-free (in case you were wondering).

Do you have any other cocktail flavours coming?

We’ve chosen the Sara Blakley method (founder of Spanx) and opted to create one flavour better than anyone else… So far, so good. Just read our reviews. And whilst we might not be making your VPL disappear (we’ll leave that to Sara), we’re succeeding in combating your gin hangovers. But please sign up our sassy emails (scroll down to sign up), whilst we (mostly Ben) tinker away at the next Awesome flavour.

I am getting married and would like to purchase Awesome Source non alc G&Ts.

First of all, congratulations. Second of all, this isn't a question. But in the instance you were wondering if you could purchase Awesome Source for your pregnant or sober wedding guests, or relatives you'd prefer to see not-so-drunk, please place your order as per usual and let us know in the "Notes" section how else we can assist. Alternatively, email us at and as the email suggests, we do listen.

Do you ship these luxe, booze-free gin cocktails overseas?

Sadly we do not ship overseas yet. We're still ironing out the logistics of shipping glass bottles with liquid in Australia. If you have a specific request, please let us know by dropping us a line at

What is your 14 day trial about?

Trial Awesome Source for a full 14 days, whether you're lounging at home, kicking it at a sizzling BBQ, or owning the spotlight at your epic events with friends. If you're not riding the waves of excitement at a mind-boggling 1000%, try a second bottle (yes, out of our 8 or 24 boxes).

And if, by some unfathomable twist of fate, you're still not over the moon with happiness, fear not. Reach out to us, and we'll shower you with choices: a full credit or a money-back refund, all because your satisfaction is our burning desire.

N.B. The 14 day trial is not available on any 4-pack, gift box or extra sample purchases. Your 14 days trial starts on the day of delivery.