Real talk with body confidence queen Annika Nielsen
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Real talk with body confidence queen Annika Nielsen

by Frances Chnaider on Oct 17, 2022

Meet Annika. A curve model and creator, who has built a following of 40K+ Instagram followers by sharing sustainable, size-inclusive, colourful fashion with "realistic" confidence.
My fashion style
My style is a mix of statement pieces and colourful basics. I'm a big fan of colour blocking and putting colour combos together that you wouldn't normally think of. I love picking pieces from small businesses and those with an emphasis on sustainability.
The truth about me
I can still be extremely self-conscious. I struggled (and currently struggle, although not as bad) with an eating disorder for 8 years. I have days where I feel like I don't belong in this space and community, but realising what my body does for me and that body neutrality can be the best thing to accept is where I am at today.

A typical work outfit
A typical work outfit includes my hi-vis top and jumper, a hard hat and steel toe boots 😂. I work in construction when I am not modelling, and I love the flexibility. On days when I'm shooting or going into the city, I can't go past a pair of colourful trousers, colourful blazer and colourful top! All mix matched colours of course 😊.

What I realised about myself
Just how bloody cool I am! I don't think it's vain to think that you're the shit - and we've all done some cool shit. I've been able to travel, work hard in various roles, have great passions and knowledge, and I love my style.
My top style tip

Experiment! I'm loving how you can create different shapes and textures with different materials, and you'll never know if you don't like it until you try. This is also why we need more plus size models in photoshoots, so you can see how clothing looks on different people, but I digress…
My top confidence tip
My top confidence tip is to be realistic. Self-confidence isn't as easy as telling yourself you look great. It's a holistic mindset. Wearing clothes that you feel great in, understanding you are worthy of food, going to the gym, wearing trendy clothing are all base aspects of loving yourself.
Our body is just a vessel - we need to work on loving who we are as a person, and the rest follows.
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