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by Frances Chnaider on Feb 14, 2024


You know Mateusz von Motz isn't your typical artist when he's described as one with a "talent for brutal beauty". His art includes blinging out concrete with paint titled "crystals", and using spray paint and mirrors to say what we're all REALLY thinking: "Bro, I bought a happy meal but i'm still sad".

Bro I ordered a happy meal but Im still sad

What appears as simple statements spray painted on mirrors (likely raising the thoughts of - how is this art?, and I could do this myself), the reality is that the poignancy of what he creates is scarily, and excitedly critical for us to sit still with. Case in point - Happy Meals full of fried food & grease hailed as 'joy' to kids? hmmm. exactly.

But it's the "Fuck Normal I Want Magic" mirrors (also available in prints, t-shirts and even socks for that little reminder when you're getting dressed in the morning) that drew us to Von Motz , given our mission. 

Whilst we create drinks, Von Motz leverages the mirror-as-canvas to jolt your desire for more. And as you read those 5 words in all caps, what you really see is your reflection staring back as a reminder of your actual reality, and the opportunity cost of settling for normal.

A few questions with Mateusz Von Motz.

What is your creative space like?

As a person on the autistic spectrum I need simplicity in the surrounding. There are so many distractions of true material, colours, senses.

Over the years I was working to create a space that is clear and simple. My art is colourful & playful and my mind is a mess of chaos and ideas so this is a good balance.


Where do you sing when no-one is watching?

My fav stage is in the car 😂🤣

Enjoy the ride

 What are your 2024 Resolutions:

1. Earn money without working

2. Spend time on things I love with people I love

3. Do things I've never done before

Be yourself you look beautiful like that

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